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    SOSwomen's services


    Changes to NSW Government funding are resulting in the closure of many women’s refuges. Women and children need women’s refuges.

    SOS Save Women’s Services represents women’s services in NSW concerned about the impact of the NSW Government’s Going Home Staying Home reforms on vulnerable women and children. We are from the community and are non-partisan.



    Defending Women’s Refuges in NSW

    No to Shelters

    No Shelter! is a Sydney based collective that is participating in the community campaign against the Going Home, Staying Home reforms by the NSW government. These reforms opened the sector to competitive tendering for the first time, resulting in the closures of at least 30 Independent women’s and youth refuges, as well as Aboriginal homelessness services across NSW. The majority of refuges, such as Elsie’s in Glebe, have been handed over to the major faith-based NGOs. No Shelter! is organising to stop further refuge closures and shift the Government’s agenda from making welfare and health a business that no longer seeks to address the systemic causes of poverty and inequality.

    website www.noshelter.com.au



    Photograph by Babary McGrady

    Gunnedah grandmothers fight against the removal of Indigenous kids

    The group Grandmothers Against Removals (GMAR) was formed in January in an effort to highlight the process of removal used by the New South Wales Department of Children’s Services.

    With around 6,000 Aboriginal children currently in out-of-home care in New South Wales, the Grandmothers Against Removals refuse to remain silent.

    They say it’s time to be a voice for other families and children who feel unable to speak against the system being accused of creating a new stolen generation.


    Reclaim the Night Australia

    reclaim the night

    Connecting the many diverse, amazing, inspiring collectives and groups which organise Reclaim the Night rallies and marches each year around Australia.


    United Kindgom Campaigns

    Focus E15 Mothers


    We are originally a group of mothers from a hostel in east London Stratford called focus E15. Focus E15 is a hostel run by East Thames housing association to accommodate young people under 25 many with support needs due to homelessness, suffering from domestic violence coming out from social services care etc.

    On 20th august 2013 mothers were issued eviction notices from the housing association east Thames to be out of our flats by 20th October 2013.

    We began occupying the housing association and council office demanding local social housing.

    Since the campaign began in September 2013 mothers have had victory. We have all been rehoused in the borough. We are in fact in private rents soaring high and only in 12 moth contracts very insecure for both us and our children.

    But as I’m sure you know this issue is much wider than us mothers it is effecting many people on a low or average wage or on benefits. Social cleaning needs to stop! Social housing needs to be renovated and rebuilt! We all need to unite and fight together! Stand side by side and say SOCIAL HOUSING



    International Campaigns



    SPACE stands for ‘Survivors of Prostitution-Abuse Calling for Enlightenment’. We call for enlightenment because before we can expect social change, prostitution must be recognised for the abuse that it is. SPACE is committed both to raising the public’s consciousness of the harm of prostitution and to lobbying governments to do something about it.

    SPACE is an international organisation, formed to give voice to women who have survived the abusive reality of prostitution. SPACE includes members from France, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Canada, the US and the UK. We press for political recognition of prostitution as sexually abusive exploitation, and, as a response, for criminalisation of the demand for paid sex. We advocate for the implementation of the Nordic Model, which decriminalises prostituted persons, criminalises those who buy them, and provides viable exit strategies including education and training.


    Code Pink



    – a women-initiated grassroots peace and social justice movement working to end U.S. funded wars and occupations, to challenge militarism globally, and to redirect our resources into health care, education, green jobs and other life-affirming activities. The name CODEPINK satirized the Bush Administration’s color-coded, fear-mongering “security” alert system that has since been phased out. CODEPINK is a lively call for the people of the world to “wage peace.”

    Website: https://www.codepink.org/


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